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Government spending out of control

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Government spending out of control Empty Government spending out of control

Post by Inspector on Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:48 am

Furnished by Patty

Grassfire Nation Update

With the recent budget "compromise" exposed as a sham,
members of Congress and the Obama Administration are now
preparing to ram through their next big-spending item --
raising the debt ceiling.

Having just passed a budget with no real cuts in spending
(according to the CBO), Congress now expects you to sit
silently by while they jack up the debt ceiling to
unprecedented heights -- pushing it far beyond its current
$14.294 trillion level and allowing them to continue the
pattern of reckless spending.

+ + Grassfire Nation Poll Says "Don't Raise Debt Ceiling"

But Congress underestimates grassroots America. A recent
Grassfire Nation poll of our members reveals that YOU
are FED UP with deficit spending and OPPOSE raising the
debt ceiling under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. YOU want lawmakers
from both sides of the political aisle to get serious
about cutting spending and addressing our nation's
skyrocketing debt. And the results are overwhelming:

--80% say the debt ceiling should not be raised;
--86% say politicians will ultimately break any
promises they make to cut spending in a deal to
raise the debt ceiling;

--And a stunning 81% of Grassfire Nation members
say you do not want the debt ceiling raised even
if it means as much as a 68% reduction in all
federal programs!
+ + Political spending addicts demand more debt

Meanwhile, like a drug addict desperate to score his next
fix, D.C. politicians are laying the groundwork to keep
their drug of choice -- out-of-control government spending --
flowing into their coffers.

First, they took credit for the bogus budget deal that didn't
actually cut spending.

Now, they are issuing "doom and gloom" warnings if we don't
go along with raising the debt ceiling. Obama's money man
Tim Geithner is touting that we must "substantially increase
the debt ceiling" to help alleviate financial pressure.
Others are warning of financial collapse and utter ruin.

What about the crushing debt load that we are saddling our
children and grandchildren with that will bankrupt Social
Security, force skyrocketing tax increases and ultimately
destroy our economy!

It's time for liberty-loving Americans to administer
a powerful, grassroots dose of "tough-love" to Congress!

Grassfire Nation has just launched an "I Oppose Raising
the Debt Ceiling" petition to give grassroots Americans a
way to communicate their frustration and anger over the
current spending crisis that is jeopardizing our nation,
while sending a stark, no-nonsense message to EVERY member
of Congress that THE BUCK STOPS HERE!

Add your name to this important petition by clicking below:

In just a couple of weeks from now when the debt ceiling
debate is at its most intense, Grassfire Nation will hand-
deliver your petition to those most responsible in the
ongoing spending fiasco.

Click here now to answer back to Congress:

+ + 100,000 Petitions Needed in just two weeks!

Changing the "tax and spend" culture of Congress will take
a maximum effort by grassroots Americans who are fed up
with the political games, the lies, and most of all -- THE

That's why it is up to you to rally and mobilize 100,000
citizen-signers leading up to this important delivery in
early May.

After signing, help spread the word to fellow Americans --
many of whom are no doubt frustrated and confused over the
actions of our Congress.

Let them know that no is not the time to shrink back and
be silent, but rather to rise up and take action by making
their voice heard by joining tens of thousands of other

Encourage them to click here to take action:

Congress is manipulating and playing Americans as fools --
willing to say and do anything to keep their spending
addiction funded -- even if it ultimately leads to the
destruction of our nation!

Click here now so Grassfire Nation can include you in our
upcoming petition delivery opposing the raising of the debt

Thank you for turning to Grassfire Nation!

Grassfire Nation

Your Silence will not Potect You

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