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Grassroots Petition against O'Bama care

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Grassroots Petition against O'Bama care Empty Grassroots Petition against O'Bama care

Post by Inspector on Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:57 pm

Our friends at Liberty Counsel have one of the most advanced
private-sector lawsuits against ObamaCare in the Nation. They
fully anticipate ObamaCare and its unconstitutional mandates
to be stricken from the laws of our land.

I urge you to read their important update below.

Your Friends at Grassroots Action
Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman

I expect that tens of thousands of Liberty
Counsel team members like you will join me
in the courtroom on May 10th as, together,
we work to have the unconstitutional ObamaCare
law struck down once and for all! See my
important message below - Mat.

In just 21 days, I will once again be arguing in court
on behalf of tens of millions of Americans who want to
keep ObamaCare's socialist mandate from doing irreparable
damage to our nation.

On May 10th, I will be delivering my oral argument before
the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia,
contending that the misnamed "Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act" (ObamaCare) is totally unconstitutional!

I invite you to accompany me as I enter that
courtroom. I would be honored if you would stand with me,
the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team, and tens of thousands
of your fellow patriotic Americans who REFUSE to allow the
Left to turn America into just another second-rate socialist

To make this possible, we are compiling an
"Amici Book," which is Latin for "Book of Friends."

I'm asking you to join with at least 100,000 of our faithful
Liberty Counsel team members to sign the Amici Book, which I
will place at our Counsel's Table... Directly across the
aisle from Attorney General Eric Holder's team from the
Department of Justice (DOJ)!

Looking back over many years of fighting in
court for liberty, life, and family, I know
that my most successful court presentations
have come when I knew I was undergirded by
the prayers and support of tens of thousands
of friends like you.

This knowledge (and especially the prayers!)
has always given me strength and encouragement
during the hectic last-minute preparations and
the all-important presentation of our case
before the judge or panel of judges.

That is what the Amici Book will do for me and the other
members of our litigation team when we see it at our
Counsel's Table along with our legal notes, briefs, and
other resources.

This way, you can join me in that courtroom on May 10th!
Please take a moment right now to sign the Amici Book and
declare that you will personally stand with me in the daunting
challenge of taking on the Obama administration and the
Department of Justice:

This is what you will be declaring by adding your signature
to those of tens of thousands of your fellow citizens...

*I am with you in the courtroom!

*I am praying for you!

*I wholeheartedly support Liberty Counsel's
litigation challenging the constitutionality
of ObamaCare.

More than anything else, Liberty Counsel's new Amici Book
(the concept is called a "Book of Remembrance" in the Bible -
see especially the Lord's preparation of a book of Believers
as described in Malachi 3:16) is a way of allowing YOU to
be literally present and part of our efforts to STOP
ObamaCare before it is too late!

The Obama administration and Holder's team have attacked
our lawsuit against ObamaCare every step of the way. They
know that the "individual mandate" is the cornerstone of
ObamaCare and their attempt to take over the healthcare

Here's the good news: As soon as the individual mandate
is declared unconstitutional, ObamaCare will have to be

This outrageous law contains all of the
essential elements of overt socialism. It
MUST be stopped before it destroys our medical
services industry, makes taxpayer-funded
abortion a permanent part of our culture,
and bankrupts our already weakened economy.

Together, we can STOP this outrageous government takeover
of the world's most advanced healthcare industry. Together,
we can save America from being turned into just another
second-class socialist state!

Signing our Amici Book will unite you in
Liberty Counsel's cause of defeating an unprecedented
expansion of federal power and the outrageous imposition
of ObamaCare's unconstitutional mandates.

Since the start of this battle against ObamaCare, I have
depended upon you and my Liberty Counsel team in many
important ways. My team and I are thrilled that we have
such a strong foundation of support in you and those
like you!

Will you stand with me and my team in this special way?

Please, send my team and me into this historic courtroom
battle with your prayers, support, and this tangible
evidence of your ever-present encouragement! Click here
to sign Liberty Counsel's powerful new Amici Book:

Our legal efforts to stop ObamaCare have moved into high
gear. I have just about three weeks to prepare for this
pivotal presentation in federal court.

I promise you, we WILL be fully prepared! And through our
Amici Book, I will be walking into court knowing that many,
many Liberty Counsel team members are standing with me -
the equivalent of two packed baseball stadiums - or more.
That's just one measure of why your personal support has
such value!

THANK YOU for all you do, and have done, as a key member
of the Liberty Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Please join me in the courtroom by signing our Amici
Book (meaning, as I have mentioned, "Book of Friends").
You ARE a friend - please let me know you support our case
against this outrageous healthcare "reform" bill! Again,
thank you and God bless you!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
(Note: Please do not "reply" directly to this e-mail message.
This e-mail address is not designed to receive your personal messages.
To contact Grassroots Action with comments, questions or to
change your status, see link at the end.)

+ + + + +
Grassroots Action, Inc. is an Internet services company that
provides news, information and grassroots action services and
strategies to individuals and organizations.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

+ + Comments? Questions?


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